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Participatory Water and Sanitation Resources Inventory and Assessment in a Community

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Barangay Odoc
Participatory Water and Sanitation Resources Inventory and Assessment in a Community By E.D. Lyn N. Capistrano and  Engr. Apolonio T. Jimenez (Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation-ITN Foundation) Participatory Water and Sanitation Resources Inventory and Assessment (PWSRIA) is about engaging with the communities we serve. PWSRIA is a research process involving community mapping, transect walk, focus group discussions and practical analysis with the community. Data obtained from PWSRIA are used by the community in planning, implementation, and policy recommendations. PWSRIA

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How to make low cost type Bio-Sand Filter

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene needs
As NGOs’ partnered with PCWS (Philippine Center for Water Sanitation) for the making of Water Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities Bio-sand Filter, Rain Water Harvesting Tank, and Bio-gas Digester Tank with this valued structures they are in need and very common in the rural area or community. This helps engulf the part of the community in need of potable, palatable and safe water for drinking and use of different ways as we go along with the discussion I will guide on

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10 Important Benefits from Exclusive Breast Feeding

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Breast Feeding Benefits
From the summit of Local Partners and Non-Government Organization and by the World Health Organization it introduce the new info graphics of enhanced learning of Exclusive Breastfeeding to outreach each countries the importance of breastfeeding that will aid few deficiencies from infants and children. Most of pregnant mothers are actually wondering and curious about this benefits of breast feeding even its advantages and disadvantages for them. Most of them are not actually educated through this method, most common reasons are

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